Who are we?

Tech Academy specializes in programming education and offers training in bootcamp format. In the Full Stack Python coding course, students are taught python programming language and web programming. The main features that distinguish teaching in the bootcamp format from other educational methods:

- intensive classes (every day of the week, camps for 3 and 6 months),
- offering mentoring hours in addition to academic hours,
- 24-hour laboratory and
- participation of students in real projects.

The following programming languages are taught in the Full Stack Python coding course: Python, ReactJS, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, Docker, MongoDB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JQuery, Bootsrap, DOM.


Our goal is to train programmers!

This is not just a pleasant sentence. This is us as Tech Academy

is our distinguishing feature, our value!

So, every student in our camps is a programmer of the future for us. That's why if students can't graduate at the level we want, we take them to the next camp completely {free of charge}.

Why Python?

Python is the language of the near future, and we promise you this future. Python is one of the most advanced programming languages ​​in the world for its convenience, ease and efficiency. Python programming language is the basis of giant companies such as Google, Intel, NASA, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, as well as Instagram, YouTube, VK, Dropbox, Reddit and many other networks, sites, platforms and services.

Python, which is easy to learn and easy to use in other languages, is an excellent choice for those who are new to programming. The difference in use is that Python consists of many simpler syntax combinations, which greatly simplifies the process of writing code. Many modules allow you to work in interactive or script mode, reduce the amount of code written, and speed up the preparation of the work.

This universal programming language, which is developing day by day and is in growing demand, is sought in the high-paying vacancy market in every country. That is why Python is used as a language of instruction in the world's leading universities. Python is the ideal language for web development, machine learning, data engineering, scientific computation and cloud infrastructure, and is used in all new, popular fields.



Those who are thinking of programming, but have no experience in this field.


Professional programmers who want to find more advanced and convenient solutions in their work.


Digital marketing professionals working with data, data and analytical tables.


Multifunctional managers who want to automate the work in the office.

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